2009 01 27 – 02 14

Vytautas Šerys. Drawings

  • opening

    2009 01 27, 18.00 h.

  • the exhibition was held

    2009 01 27 – 02 14

“White apples and blue rabbits do not exist”

A note on a drawing of Vytautas Šerys, made in 1995.04.23


Nicely sink days into chills of autumn and into more and more longing clouds. Evenings get thicker, pieces of early darkness collecting together. The time flows slowly getting into everyday things and human creations in order to be able to talk to contemporary day after more than ten years pass.

Paintings of Vytautas Šerys, made in 1967 are the same: unseen witnesses of the days and moods which already passed, marking his restless spirit and temper and colorful footprints of his poetic metaphors. The painting from a time distance also presents the artist‘s patience and belief in the work created: a moment of inspiration and views of experiences will not disappear or pass into silence. The painting of Šerys, characteristic of intransigent spirit, energetic lines and rhythms looks from overhead to neat “thematic” picture of the previous times.

Painting after thirty years have passed seems closer to these days. An improvising brush walks the greenish paint layers, leaving factures, whispering and disheveled, as well as quivers of subtle forms, blind halftones, sinking along, reminding of whiffs on the water surface. „Ah!” a fascinated A.A. would shout.

Paintings as well. A number of paintings. Accurate ability of paint, an accidental accord. Territories disentangled by icicles, capillary structures, incorporating fragments of poetic words and providing an environment in which intangible, not implicit sceneries unfold. There are only suspicions, auto-reflections in the surrounding space and time. Since this is how it is in nature. Playful improvisations of hands and eyes, when it is important to catch a sharp pulse of a line or collage inserts, enable the nearby existing spot of touch colour breathe.

After looking around in the thicket of lines of drawings you can find Šerys himself. He is a silent dreamer, free and mysterious, ambitious and lyric, spontaneous and calm. You can see him smoking, puff after puff, and through slit eyes observing the way a bird in an autumn sky above the forest line draws curves of flight – free and eternal.

Is it true that blue rabbits are non-existent then?

Viktoras Liutkus has enquired
In November, 1998

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