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Educating children and young people is one of the strategic activity areas that the Vilnius Graphic Art Centre (VGMC) has been consistently developing since 2008. We have prepared a programme of workshops by which we seek to supplement the knowledge acquired by children at school, make it more interesting and diverse as well as enlarge the concept of art education. With our educational activities we want to contribute to forming a positive and open attitude towards culture early on, establish a personal connection between our young visitors and the art institution.

The education offered by VGMC is based on experiential and individualized learning. During our workshops we use such methods as discussion, games, experiments, presentation of works, analysis of results etc. These methods encourage children’s curiosity and critical thinking, help reveal their individuality and natural creativity, nurture independence, interdisciplinary integration and emotional intellect.

Our educational activities are differentiated according to age groups, so all our workshops are flexibly adapted to both primary and secondary school pupils.
Nepakeista: We offer the following programmes for learning about graphic art and its technologies:

– A practical graphic art class, using a chosen technique: linocut or etching (drypoint), also producing hand-made paper. The class is held in a real graphic printing workshop where, aided by a graphic artist, children make their own artworks, learn about the key theoretical principles of graphic technologies, have a hands-on experience of the creative process. The class is conducted by the graphic artists Lida Dubauskienė and Elvyra Katalina Kriaučiūnaitė, who both have long time know-how in running educational activities.

– An excursion to exhibitions at the VGMC gallery Kairė-dešinė. Young visitors learn about various forms of fine art, their execution techniques, styles and genres; discussions are held with authors and/or curators of exhibitions about the works exhibited; pupils take part in creative games.

– An excursion to the VGMC workshops of graphic technologies (intaglio, silkscreen and lithography). Pupils listen to the stories by a graphic art historian. That is a unique occasion to see the backstage premises of art, where art is actually created.

A practical graphic art class can be combined with one of the excursions on demand.

Please register for the educational programme here: or arrange it by phone: +370 5 261 1995

The VGMC children and youth education programme is partially financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Vilnius City municipality.

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