The Team of VGAC

We are Jurga Minčinauskienė and Kristina Kleponytė-Šemeškienė, a pair of art researchers, curators of exhibitions and projects, compilers of publications. Our main interest and research area is the scene of Lithuanian graphic art from the mid-20th century until the present time. We are engaged in graphic art research and its dissemination in Lithuania and abroad: we organize exhibitions and art projects as well as carry out publishing and educational activities. 

While heading the Vilnius Graphic Art Centre (VGMC), an organisation that unites a large community of graphic artists, we seek balance between administrative work, generation of creative ideas and their consistent implementation. We maintain contacts with various institutions of culture in Lithuania and in other countries, contributing to graphic art research undertaken by other organisations and the implementation of their projects.  We closely collaborate with artists and cultural researchers of different fields, as we believe that a diverse team of professionals working in sync guarantees a successful operation of the art institution.

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