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The Vilnius Graphic Art Centre (VGMC) has graphic art workshops that are open to all artists, thus the Centre is one of the few places in Lithuania that brings together the community of graphic artists and meets their needs. The workshops were moved to the current location in Latako Street 3 in the 1990s on the initiative of artists of the Graphic Department of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association (LDS). In the former location at Grybo Street 32 the first experimental workshops in Lithuania had been operating since 1958. The technical facilities in the studios at the new address have been constantly expanding. Today the Centre provides all the necessary setup for artists to work with intaglio, lithography and silkscreen techniques.

The equipment available for common use includes: printing presses, lithographic stones of different sizes, equipment for drying silkscreen prints, a room where plates are exposed to acids, a tool for cutting metal plates, a paper cutter. An artist is expected to bring the materials needed for his artwork: paints, paper, thinner, filco, etc.   

Prices for workshop rentals: 

– an hourly rate – EUR 2

– a daily rate in the printing room – EUR 5

– a monthly rate for LDS members– EUR 15

– a monthly rate for non-members– EUR 25

– a yearly rate for LDS members – EUR 90

– a yearly rate for non-members – EUR 200

For more about workshop rentals please contact us by e-mail or telephone: / +370 5 261 1995

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