Vilnius Graphic Art Centre

Vilnius Graphic Art Centre (Vilniaus grafikos meno centras, VGMC) is a multifunctional institution of culture, representing the field of graphic art. The Centre organises exhibitions and educational activities, is involved in international cooperation and publishing. It seeks to promote artists, acquaint the general public with the diverse forms of expression in graphic art, engage researchers of different fields in art research, publicize its results as well as carry out educational projects.  

VGMC is a structural unit of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association (Lietuvos dailininkų sąjunga, LDS) and was established in the last decade of the 20th century on the initiative of the artists of the LDS Graphic Department.  The Centre consists of the gallery Kairė-dešinė, open graphic art workshops and studios for individual artists. 

The main activities of VGMC are as follows: 

  • organising exhibitions at the gallery Kairė-dešinė, which present the works of local and foreign artists to the public; 
  • participating in international cooperation projects, during which the works of Lithuanian artists are introduced to audiences abroad; 
  • publishing exhibition catalogues, which provide a wider context for the works displayed, as well as publishing research-based art albums and monographies about artists; 
  • implementing educational programmes for children and adults.  

VGMC has workshops for working with such graphic art techniques as silkscreen, lithography and intaglio printing. They are open not only to professional artists and art students, but to everyone who would like to try out these techniques in educational programmes.   

 The Centre also offers 12 studios for individual artists, members of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, who reside there in rotation. The Centre is headquartered in a building with a certain cultural ambiance, because it is also home to such outfits as the cultural monthly Kultūros barai, the framing workshop Upartas, the space for contemporary art projects Editorial and the online art bookshop

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