2024 04 09 – 05 04

The stone speaks. Exhibition of prints by members of Helsinki Litho Studio (Finland)

  • Organizers

    Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, lithography studio Helsinki Litho

  • The project is funded by

    Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Artists' Union, Finnish Arts Promotion Centre "Taike", KOLU, Mika Uusimäki

  • Partners

    Embassy of the Republic of Finland, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Graphic Arts

  • Media partners

    artnews.lt, „7 meno dienos“

  • Opening

    2024 04 09, 18 h.

  • The exhibition is held

    2024 04 09 – 05 04

On April 9 – May 4, 2024, an exhibition of prints by the Helsinki Litho lithography workshop (Finland) titled The Stone Speaks will be on display at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre’s Kairė-dešinė gallery. The opening will be held on April 9, 2024, at 6pm.

 The exhibition features works by five artists actively working in lithography – Roma Auškalnytė, Kalle Berg, Matti Hintikka, Kuutti Lavonen and Kaisu Sirviö. The show also represents the Helsinki-based Helsinki Litho lithography workshop. The latter was launched in 2001 by the Finnish artists Kuutti Lavonen and Matti Hintikka, who were concerned about the future of lithography, one of the classical printmaking techniques. Eventually the initiators of the studio were joined by other artists, including Kalle Berg, Kaisu Sirviö and Roma Auškalnytė. The young Lithuanian graphic artist and Kalle Berg are the permanent printmakers at Helsinki Litho, and collaborate with artists from Finland and other countries by printing their works.

The common denominator of The Stone Speaks is lithography; the exhibition features examples of traditional forms and techniques as well as experimental approaches that update the relevance of this printmaking process. The works reflect the individual authors’ styles and, as the artists themselves say, their efforts to make the lithographic stone speak and create original stories, textures and forms.

Roma Auškalnytė is interested in experimental and performative aspects of the technology. Classical graphic art inspires the artist to reveal the interdisciplinary potential of lithography and transfer it to the space of sculpture. Kalle Berg reflects on his activity as a lithography printmaker in his works. The principal ideas of his prints originate in everyday processes, which the artist constantly improves and seeks to visualise in ever new ways. Matti Hintikka’s work is based on observing nature, the results of which are best conveyed through lithography. This artist’s abstract pieces display hints of landscape and the natural environment – rocks, stones, rivers or lakes. Kuutti Lavonen predominantly focuses on allegorical and mythological figures inspired by baroque art, as well as themes related to the Christian tradition. Depicting the postures of baroque figures, the artist relies on his visual memory and emotional experience. The vegetal motifs prevalent in Kaisu Sirviö’s work reflect her fondness of spending time in nature. Ink washes on lithographic stones demonstrate the unity of form and content.

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