Petras Repšys. Drawings

Petras Repšys (born in 1940) is an exceptional figure in Lithuanian art. Many of his fine art and monumental works are an inseparable part of Lithuanian art history and monuments of national culture. The album of his works was published in 2019, on the basis of his exhibition of drawings at the Titanikas showrooms of Vilnius Art Academy. The publication features a retrospective collection of the author’s drawings, presenting for the first time the yet unknown part of his oeuvre. The drawings accumulated over long years had been an additional means of expression and a form of art in its own right, revealing the artist’s talent and his particularly keen eye for detail in the surrounding environment.

The catalogue includes drawings of different types and from different periods, gathered from the artist’s personal archive, the Graphic Department of the Vilnius University Library, from the collections of his friends. These are both stand-alone pieces or series of drawings, created from the 1960s until the present day, executed in pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink and other materials.

Title: Petras Repšys. Drawings
Compilers of the catalogue and authors of texts: Kristina Kleponytė-Šemeškienė, Jurga Minčinauskienė
Designer: Gedas Čiuželis
Publisher: Vilnius Graphic Art Centre
Year of publishing: 2019
Number of pages: 208
Print run: 300
ISBN 978-9955-796-11-4
Book covers: paperback
Languages: Lithuanian, English

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