2023 01 31 - 03 04

Jolanta Mikulskytė. Beyond the surface

  • organizer

    Vinlius graphic art centre

  • the project is partly funded by

    Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Artists’ Association

  • partner

    Vilnius academy of arts

  • opening

    2022 11 08, 18.00 val.

  • the exhibition was held

    2022 11 08 – 26

From 31 January to 4 March 2023, the Vilnius Graphic Art Centre’s gallery “Kairė-dešinė” will host the exhibition “Beyond the Surface” by Jolanta Mikulskytė. Opening on 31 January 2023, 6 pm.

The exhibition reveals the underwater states that the artist has been exploring for years: technical diving, pressure changes, fauna, biology, and artefacts. Here, underwater images are transformed into large-format lithographs, reflecting the way in which the element of water transforms the human self, the worldview and the whole being. The title of the exhibition also refers to global changes, to the war situation, but the most important things remain beyond the (water) surface. According to the artist, there seems to be no lukewarm state these days, only cold or hot, black or white. Underwater imagery, image mapping and the geography of states have been collected throughout the pandemic period as a method to survive, and now to hide, and again, to survive. Lithography is an integral part of this artistic research. It embodies a slow process, conveying a state of meditation, placing the fragments of such a strange and precarious time in our time.

Jolanta Mikulskytė (b. 1979) is a graphic artist. Graduated in graphic arts from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2006 (1997-2006). She has held solo exhibitions in Lithuania. Since 2008 she has been participating in creative internships, educational programmes and exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Since 2007 she has been a lecturer and associate professor at the Department of Graphic Arts, Vilnius Academy of Arts. She works in the field of estamp, and for the last few years has been exclusively using the lithography technique in her work, and has been involved in its promotion by conducting creative workshops.

* Paroda yra kultūrinio maršruto SUMENĖK dalis

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