2017 05 30 – 06 23

Joana Kairiene / eyes

  • Organizer

    Vilnius Graphic Art Centre

  • Sponsors

    Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Council for Culture

  • Opening

    2017 05 30, 18 h.

  • The exhibition was held

    2017 05 30 – 06 23

Being here and now, realizing yourself by looking around you, to your
surroundings, seeing from the side and from above. Observations follow in a
space where the exhibition takes place. An exhibition display interweaves
into a present, a gallery space. Seeing forms, using it and rethinking it,
creates new meanings and new images. A contour as topographic map
travels through a timeless landscape. A line draws an emotion and creates a
configuration of patterns. A printing press created by Gutenberg is an
infinity allusion in the time forms, labyrinths, cycles and repetitions. An
infinite multiplication and rhythmical ornaments invisibly entwine the
disappearing dots in a perspective. A space’s form of an exhibition – it is a
tool to create unrecognizable sights. A construction in repeated, shifting
habits, routines or rituals.

Being inside, in one of rooms is the same as being outside of the building. An
appearance of a building does not differ from interior’s walls and lines of
windows. Infinite and non-ending memory floats in the building, in its
architecture. The window and the mirror secretly share the same elements.
The window contains nothing while the mirror contains everything. It is
impossible to pass by double identities. The window doubles as an open and
closed space. Window like a thing with new meanings or does it works just
as one function? It scatters visible images and actions, creating a
transparent barrier. This intimate relation between a window, a seeing, and
a perception has become a part of everyday life, like a mediating between
spaces and a site of communication.

Marija Repšytė

Artist Joana Kairienė (B. 1987) combines graphic art with painting,
photography and other media.

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