2022 02 09 – 03 05

Young / New Graphic Art. Variables

  • curator

    Elena Grudzinskaitė

  • organizer

    Vilnius graphic art centre

  • The project is partly funded by

    the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Vilnius Municipality

  • partners

    Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuanian Artists’ Association

  • media partners

    „7 meno dienos“, artnews.lt

  • opening

    2022 02 09, 18.00 val.

  • the exhibition was held

    2022 02 09 – 03 05

From February 9, 2022, graduation works by three young artists and graduates of the Department of Graphic Art of Vilnius Academy of Arts Ema Alševskaja, Paulė Vaitkutė, and Vaiva Frančiakaitė will be on display at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre’s Kairė-dešinė gallery. The works are installation pieces united by the concept of variables.

Variables are data values that are liable to change over time.
Variables, change, movement, mutation, volatility, fluctuations, alteration, transformation, variability, shift, recycling, conversion, interaction – these action-related terms describe the young artists’ installations Water Surface, Coordinate 55°13’31.5″N 22°53’57.3″E II and Breathing, featured in the exhibition. Each of the authors devises individual artistic research methods and tools, addresses relevant topics and problems, and employs distinctive forms of expression to spot, rethink, and make sense of variables.

In their graduation works, the authors explore cases of environmental protection, artificial intelligence, its connection with the individual, physical phenomena, and the interaction between the viewer and the work. They integrate interdisciplinary links and apply innovative science and media technologies in their creative process, while equally taking advantage of the traditional graphic art techniques and the printing and reproduction possibilities they offer. The displayed art objects urge the viewers to encounter familiar phenomena and situations observable in the natural environment in new and unconventional ways and discover the paradoxical nature of yet-unexplored domains and objects, enabling the engaged audience to consciously or unconsciously experience the entire spectrum of sensations, thoughts, and temporal change.

“Young / New Graphic Art. Variables” is the first collaborative project of Vilnius Academy of Arts and Vilnius Graphic Art Centre.

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