2018 04 05 - 28


  • Organizer

    Vilniaus grafikos meno centras

  • Sponsors

    LR Kultūros ministerija, Lietuvos kultūros taryba, Lietuvos dailininkų sąjunga

  • Opening

    2018 04 05, 18 val.

  • The exhibition was held

    2018 04 05 - 28

The new art project by Audrius Novickas explores the links between visual practices of capitalism, modernity and nationalism. The four works presented at the exhibition reflect the polyvalent powers of cultural imagination of national sitescapes.

The sitescapes are sought in the architecture that expands over the modes of the idea and its materialization. Defined as such architecture is seen as an energy container of the imaginary. Energy, as well as architecture, does not reveal itself directly, but in production, consumption, storage and conversion processes. Both can be visualized using technical images to reveal what is concealed and perceive what is inconceivable. Architecture becomes the sitescape due to the accumulated visibility, which activates the effects of self-consciousness, pride, and nostalgia in the collective consciousness, but without ending the uncertainty and indetermination. The leakiness of symbolic and energetic systems of sitescapes leads to diffusion, infiltration and confusion of their shapes and meanings.

Audrius Novickas (born in 1968) is an interdisciplinary artist and a researcher of architecture. He studied painting at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, continued and graduated from interdisciplinary art studies at the Prague Academy of Visual Arts, holds PhD in humanitarian sciences. Since 1990 has organized 6 personal exhibitions, participated in over 40 exhibitions, published 13 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Audrius Novickas is one of those artists who have established the concepts of interdisciplinary, object, installation art, artistic research in Lithuanian contemporary art scene. His areas of artistic interest: post-conceptual art projects based on artistic research on the sociocultural and ideological aspects of architecture and urban space.

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