Adult education

Visit us and learn about the world of graphic art! You can try various technologies, see the real graphic art workshops and exhibitions in the gallery Kairė-dešinė.

Learn about graphic art and its technologies by participating in our programmes:

— A practical graphic art class: using a linocut or etching (drypoint) technique. The class gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the theoretical principles of graphic art technologies and have a first-hand experience of the creative process. You can create your own artwork and print out a few copies.

Place: the graphic art printing room

Teacher: Lida Dubauskienė, a painter and graphic artist

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: 7–12

Price: EUR 20 per person

— Excursion to the exhibitions of the VGMC gallery Kairė-dešinė and to the silkscreen, lithography and intaglio graphic workshops. The excursion is guided by authors and/or curators of exhibitions; visits to graphic workshops are guided by VGMC curators. This is a wonderful opportunity not only to learn about graphic art, but also to see what happens backstage or how artworks are actually created.

Duration: 1–1.5 hours

Number of participants: 10–20

Price: EUR 6 per person

— A practical graphic art class and an excursion of choice (to the gallery and/or to graphic workshops)

Duration: 2.5–3 hours

Number of participants: 7–12

Price: EUR 23 per person

The time of practical classes and excursions is arranged individually.

Please register for one of our educational programmes here or by phone +370 5 261 1995.

Other exhibitions

2024 04 09 – 05 04
The stone speaks. Exhibition of prints by members of Helsinki Litho Studio (Finland)
2024 01 30–02 25
Kunigunda Dineikaitė. Walking with a Swan
2023 10 28 – 11 15
Elena Grudzinskaitė. Mono-tik

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