The Body. Lithuanian Graphic Art 1980–2013

The catalogue is based on a series of exhibitions entitled The Body. Lithuanian Graphic Art 1980–2013, which were held in the art galleries of Vilnius in June–July 2013.
The publication presents an overview of Lithuanian graphic art as a whole, revealing the multifaceted visualisation of the human body in the works of several generations of artists. It includes 49 artists who, each in their own expressive style, say something about the human body, one of the key objects of visual interpretation in Lithuanian graphic art. Variations on the human body are thematically arranged in the different sections of the catalogue, carrying the titles of body parts, activities, processes and states of the body. These titles symbolically refer to the trends of style, genre, manner of expression and subject-matter that are typical of certain groups of artists in their portrayal of the human body. Such regularly recurring features of form and content that unite the prints created in 1980–2013 had determined the selection of works for the ten collections of this series.

Title: The Body. Lithuanian Graphic Art 1980–2013
Compilers of the catalogue and authors of texts: Kristina Kleponytė-Šemeškienė, Jurga Minčinauskienė
Designers: Monika Janulevičiūtė, Karolis Strautniekas
Publisher: Vilnius Graphic Art Centre
Year of publishing: 2013
Number of pages: 255
Print run: 500
ISBN 978-9955-796-05-3
Book covers: paperback
Languages: Lithuanian, English

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