Young Latvian Graphic Artists.
Keisti kaimynai | Dīvainie kaimiņi

Reinis Eglītis. From series 70 g. 2012

Exhibition at the VGAC Gallery Kairė–dešinė , Vilnius. 27 November – 15 December 2012.

[…] *
The name of the exhibition will be “The Weird Neighbors”.
[The following paragraph should be read with a touch of humor]
“The Weird Neighbors” reflects the sad fate of artists who are considered to be the “weird ones”. Society just doesn’t understand us. As soon as we start to live somewhere, surrounding neighborhood decides that we are “acting weird”. We dress weird, we listen weird music and act weird. Of course, the weirdest thing is the art we make. There is no point in pretending – we are the weird neighbors.

I tried to translate it: “Keisti kaimynai”. Important: there should be definite ending to the word “weird” in Lithuanian. In Latvian adjectives have definite endings. I will give also the Latvian version: “Dīvainie kaimiņi”. Maybe it helps.

I tried to find name that reflects both sides of the exhibition – the theme and representation of Latvian artists. Artists in this exhibition are working in different materials and with different ideas, yet the result is very enjoyable and fresh. The way they see world and reflects it is not always the traditional way we are used to see. Yes, it is a bit weird. I also want to highlight that we are guests but in the same time we live very close. Neighbor-countries always see each other in a humorous way, so, here we come – your weird neighbors. […]

• • •

[…] Layers. Layers. Layers.
At the moment layers and layering have become my favorite aspect in graphic art, so here you can see a wide range of techniques coming together.
I especially enjoy ‘classic’ + ‘pop’, so here are examples of drawings viewed in different perspectives – from sketches till painstaking pencil drawings and drawings on dimensional surface. Traditional techniques, like lithography and linocut quite good come together with experiments with silkscreen and monotype.
For graphic artists the surface of the artwork is a very special thing. Traditionally it is paper – delicate and easily damaged material. Here I want to show the many faces of paper. It can be clean, thin and white and also rough, used and with its own story. Besides paper artists use many different materials, and some of them are included in exposition.

I have excluded media art because… Well, because I just don’t like screens in exhibitions. Besides this very serious reason, media art is comparatively ‘fresh’ media for graphic artists in Latvia, and I would like to wait and see, what comes out from this rabbit hole. […]

* From the correspondence with exhibition curator Ausma Šmite

Paulis Liepa. Strohhalme. 2010

Participants: Baiba Kalniņa, Butlers, Dārta Hofmane, Elīna Brasliņa, Evija Ķirķe, Katrīna Čemme, Lāsma Pujāte, Līva Rutmane, Margarita Kovarzina, Paulis Liepa, Reinis Eglītis, Zane Putniņa

Curator: Ausma Šmite

Opening 2012 11 27, 18 h.
Vilnius Graphic Art Centre
Latako g. 3, Vilnius /

Organizer: Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, Department of Graphic Art, Art Academy of Latvia
Sponsors: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius City Municipality, State Culture Capital Foundation, Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Republic of Lithuania

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