Two Scottish Art Exhibitions: Artistic/Scientific Project “Designs for Life” and Graphic Art Exhibition “BLOCKS”

Designs for Life is a project which is exploring the process of visualisation of laboratory data relating to aspects of cell and gene research. Through a series of production collaborations and integrated public engagement the project aims to stimulate debate at the confluence of science and visual culture. The focus of the activity is the University of Dundee Visual Research Centre (VRC) where a group of research scientists from the University of Dundee Biocentre, who have expressed interest in the visualisation process, will develop new screen print outcomes based on images, data and information from their respective laboratory research.

The process of image production is the central theme of this project. What is the origin of contemporary bio-data? How much is visual and how are such images processed and introduced to the public domain? How is the visual considered? This transparent development of laboratory data into image outcomes will reveal aspects of both the physical and intellectual process and provide documentary material for comparison and discussion. At a time when there is much interest in the potential of ‘sci-art projects’ this event will also provide an opportunity to engage with the process of cross-disciplinary collaboration, bringing together skills, knowledge and experience from these generally distinct practices and cultures.

Graphic exhibition „BLOCKS“ presents three artists: Scott Hudson, Richie Cumming and Suzie Scott. The concept of this show is that all prints are infulenced in some way by architecture. Hudson‘s work is a set of screen prints based on monotype drawings that have the idea of arabic tiles. His work looks into how we use design to adorn our surroundings, for example tiles, and how modern design lends from previous cultures. They also has the narrative of mixing different mediums of printmaking, taking basic mark making through various processes and utilizing the uncertain results. Scott‘s prints are a set of screenprints that are influenced by interiors of modern buildings. Combining her background in textile design with modern screenprinting techniques to produce a series of repeat linear patterned prints. Cumming‘s work is heavily influenced by his graffiti and stencil work and combines this with social commentary. His prints are a collage of architectural blue prints of a factory with his signature images of flowers and abstract pattern. Hidden in this work is a narritave about social and industrial decline. They all studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. They have all since worked at Dundee Contemporary Arts.

The opening of exhibitions: 2009 06 02, 6 pm
Exhibitions duration: 2009 06 02 – 06 20

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