Swedish graphics

Nils-Erik Mattsson. Parable I, lithography

Opening: 05 04 2011, 6 pm
Exhibition time: 05 04 – 23 04 2011

Swedish graphic art exhibition is continuing the artistic cooperation of Sweden and Lithuania, which started twenty years ago. Under the initiative of art institutions and single artists of two countries, exchange exhibitions and creative workshops, seminars and discussions have been organized during the period mentioned. It is already the fourth Swedish graphic art exhibition presented in Vilnius Graphic Art Centre since 2002, organized in cooperation with an art association Grafik i Väst, established in Göteborg. The organization is actively working in the whole region of Västra Götaland and implementing wide-ranging (inter)cultural activities: organizing graphic art exhibitions, cooperation seminars and lectures, prosecuting publishing, affording scholarship for graphic art students. Swedish graphic art exhibition presents the creative work of five printmakers represented by Grafik i Väst. Prints made using drypoint, linocut, etching, photogravure, lithography as well as monoprints reveal a wide spectrum of technologies, together providing a possibility to grope the essential features of today’s Swedish graphic art.

 Christina Lindeberg. Two III, drypoint
 Erik Fredelius. Equal race, linocut
 Pia Skogberg. Color-mood I, etching

Christina Lindeberg creates prints that attract due to their laconic compositions. By using minimal means, such as facture of cliché and fine-drawn linear structures, she creates specifically suggestive mood.
Erik Fredelius’s colourful linocuts convey a flexible attitude of the artist and are not lacking in irony. His method of specifically decorative and precise creation extends the traditional conception of the linocut.
Henrik Krogh’s series of artworks are probably closest to the classical print. Monochromatic prints are not lacking in symbolic meanings, conveyed using abstract forms.
Nils-Erik Mattsson‘s lithographic images are realistic. He uses photos in lithography process to create subjects. Such strategy of creation encloses unique aspects of perception and evaluation of graphics.
Pia Skogberg – an artist living in Denmark. Two series of prints, presented in the exhibition, are characteristic of unique drawing and colouring, which create a harmonious completeness.

Organizers: Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, association Grafik i Väst
Sponsors: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, the Embassy of Sweden in Lithuania, Lithuanian Artists‘ Association, IASPIS (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual Artists), Upartas

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