Workshop „From Print to Bookbinding“

Workshop is moderated by YASUYO TANAKA, New York (JAV). Seminar date: 2008, October 15 – October, 20.

Since the year 2003, Vilnius Graphic Art Centre annually organizes workshops. During them skilled local as well as guest artists from abroad deliver their knowledge for the artists who are willing to learn more or to improve their knowledge. In October, 2008 a workshop on bookbinding is organized “From Print to Bookbinding”. It is aimed at professional artists, students of art studies and newly graduated young artists, who perceive the book as an alternative creative form of expression and seek to get acquainted with essential principles of a book structure and the history of a book. During the courses the topics of a book structure and content relation are going to be discussed. During the three days’ workshop Ms. Yasuyo Tanaka will present several types of bookbinding. Artists who participate will be given an opportunity to try each of them in practice.

During the period of workshops, the exhibition of graphic artworks of Ms. Yasuyo Tanaka will take place in the Graphic Art Centre Gallery “Kairė-dešinė“. The exhibition will be called “From Key to Key”. Also, the artist will present the report continuing the events of “The Cycle of Lectures’08”, called “A World in Books”.


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