Nina Bondeson “Tales told: Signora Canedottos order of things”

2008 07 15 - 08 02

“I'm a storyteller in visual art. I love visual art for being so accessible to us all, as doers and beholders, without demanding vast theoretical studies in art history or philosphy. You can be an artist by using your own lived experiences and communicate them freely without exposing your inner life. There is a widely spread notion that a picture from someones artistic work would let you know something about the artist, maybe even give an imprint of the artist´s soul. That´s not true of course. You don´t get to know anything about the artist. But when you get to see really good art, you might get to know something about yourself..." Nina Bondesson

NINA BONDESON born 1953 in Stockholm
Lives and works in Mölndal/Gothenburg
Studied at the Royal academy of Fine Art, Stockholm 1983 - 1988
Fine Art and New Media, Gothenburg university 1999 – 2000
One man shows and group shows between 1989 - 2007 in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Russia, Czech Republic, Zambia
Works in public spaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe 1990 - 2006
1998 – 99 head teacher at Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän, Sweden
2005 – 2008 professor in textile art the School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg
2007 published a research initiation study: “Time At Hand – about practical artmaking” together with Marie Holmgren
Represented in various museums, collections etc.

"Elena visiting archangel Michael". 2000, digital print, lithography, 200x300 cm

"La Poverina". 2005, digital print, lithography, 45x60 cm

 Active imagination
 Signora Canedotto combing a man
 Lesson no. 5. Try to think of something else
 My hands can be really stupid
 Signora Canedottos husband, Signor Carradori, put down
 Sigpora Canedotto waiting and longing (lamp)
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