Lithuanian graphic art exhibition “graphic.LT” in VERLA (Finland)

Rolandas Rimkūnas. From the seria Animated Classics, dry-point, 1998-2000

Lithuanian graphic art exhibition “graphic.LT” in VERLA museum (01-28 June, 2010)
Artists: Lida Dubauskienė, Kęstutis Grigaliūnas, Eglė Kuckaitė, Evaldas Mikalauskis, Petras Repšys, Rolandas Rimkūnas, Birutė Zokaitytė

Lithuanian graphic art exhibition „graphic.LT“ contains over 30 prints collection created by mostly using traditional graphic art techniques. The collection is based on prints by seven nowadays middle generation graphic artists and represents contemporary Lithuanian graphics. Creation of participating artists are widely presented and well known in local as well as international visual art context. In spite of the particularity of the authors, their artistic languages contain similar motives, topics and ideas.

Organizer: Vilnius Graphic Art centre
Exhibition “graphic.LT” is supported by Lithuanian Culture Fund

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