Contemporary Art gallery Zaum Projects (Portugal) represents Italian Artist Samuele Belloni Drowings Exhibition “UNTITLED OR TITLED”

On display the visitor will see small and medium drawings from 2007- 2009 and 5 animation videos.
The drawings are the result of a process relating on very different media. The artist selected a series of images from the Internet, personal photographs, images of famous paintings (mostly japanese old masters).
While drawing this series Belloni got very interested in cinema and the moving image, especially to movies and collages referring to Quentin Tarantino’s cinematography. The reproduction on paper of this inputs, stealing and pirating the images inducted the artist to use them like Duchamp used objects for his ready mades.

The ready-made is today used by a large number of contemporary artists like a material that leads to the object, the work of art. Belloni explains “[…] an artist can use tempera or oil colour. He can use marble, wood or iron. The ready made works the same way, it is a material, a recognised technique in contemporary creation. Instead of using painting or sculpture I started using images. I would call my drawings more “collages” then proper drawings considering the fact that I meticulously reproduced preexisting images without manipulating them.”

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