Marius Mindaugas Danys

Recent computer-made compositions of Marius Mindaugas Danys evolve from his own prints and pastel works. Both: traditional and new, creation system (still)thrills the artist, and the system relations formed by computer become a rather attractive, alive art form, which confirms the elastic connection between different techniques. Most often these are – abstract compositions, where there is no use to look for nature reflections so important for artists of all times. Shapes of water circles, a non-existent city, a plant or a human body – these are only modest remarks of nature.

M.M. Danys „Water Ritual“
M.M. Danys „Time Square“
M.M. Danys „In“
M.M. Danys „Illusory Light“ drypoint, mezzotint
M.M. Danys „Petunia“ drypoint, mezzotint, linocut
M.M. Danys „Speak over The Sky“ drypoint, linocut
M.M. Danys „Motning Dune“ drypoint
M.M. Danys „Finally Christmas“ digital print
M.M. Danys „Petunia II“ drypoint, linocut
M.M. Danys „Evening Dune“ print
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