A Cycle of Lectures’08 / 4

On July 16, 2008 in Vilnius Graphic Art Centre the event from “A Cycle of Lectures’08” has been started. Already the second year successfully running “A Cycle of Reports”, this year became an international event – together with the local participants also quest speakers from abroad will take part.

On July 16, all who are willing to listen to Nina Bondeson’s (Sweden) report „Tales Told – about active imagination and doubt“ are invited to come.

The report will be followed by an exhibition of the graphic artworks of Nina Bondeson in the gallery of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre “Kairė – dešinė” – "Signora Canedotto order of things " .

„ ...there is a mainstream opinion that a plot of an artwork allows to understand and know the artist himself/herself better, since the artwork might even be his/her soul reflection. I would dare to neglect this – about the artist you could not find out anything from an artwork. But after seeing a really good artwork, some things might emerge about yourselves…”

Nina Bondeson


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