Lithuanian – Ukrainian art project „4+4“

EXHIBITION OF CONTEMPORARY LITHUANIAN GRAPHIC ART Eglė Kuckaitė “That note”. 2006, monotype, 51×65 cm. Artists: Lida Dubauskienė, Eglė Kuckaitė, Eglė Vertelkaitė, Birutė Zokaitytė Moderator of the exhibition: Jurga Minčinauskienė Organizations of the project: Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius Graphic Art Centre and the gallery of Contemporary Art […]

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A Cycle of Lectures’08 / 4

On July 16, 2008 in Vilnius Graphic Art Centre the event from “A Cycle of Lectures’08” has been started. Already the second year successfully running “A Cycle of Reports”, this year became an international event – together with the local participants also quest speakers from abroad will take part. On July 16, all who are […]

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Installation of shining hand made objects ‘r a s o s ‘(dew)

A part of event cycle „Tebūnie naktis“ (Let it be night) At night from 21 to 22 June, 2008 people walking in the Old Town of Vilnius were invited to see an installation of shining hand made paper objects. The title of the installation was “rasos”/”dew”. The cozy lighten Latako Street that night of June […]

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Workshop of Silkscreen

On 23 – 25 November, 2007, in silkscreen art studio of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre the first silkscreen workshop was organized aimed at young artists. Workshop was organized in order to gather active community of young artists together and to encourage the development of technical skills by working with silkscreen technique which is not very […]

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Discussion about Talinn Graphic Art Triennial

On 17 October, 2007 in Kumu museum in Tallinn the 14th Tallinn graphic art triennial „Political & Poetical“ was opened. It presented the graphic art of three Lithuanian artists including Naglis Rytis Baltušnikas, Kęstutis Grigaliūnas, Eglė Vertelkaitė. Also, since 16 October, 2007 in Tallinn City Gallery a personal exhibition of Eglė Vertelkaitė took place, who […]

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Project „GRAF‘drive“ 2007 11 09 – 11 11 GRAF’drive – the title by its sounding not accidentally connects with one of many usual everyday rituals of a contemporary society. It is an event during which passersby or passing ones have an opportunity to visit exhibitions of professional art. The ones who choose to stop for […]

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“ACROSS” – Norwegian Graphic Art in Lithuania

PROJECT “ACROSS” Norwegian graphic art in Vilnius 2007 11 06 – 24 In 2002 and 2004 the exhibitions of artists from Sweden and Finland took place in the gallery „Kairė – Dešinė“ of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre. This was an introduction into further cooperation with Northern countries. It became a nice tradition, activating cultural activity […]

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Lithuanian art portraits of XX c.: Elvyra Kairiukštytė

On September 28, 2007, at 16.00 in the gallery “Kairė – dešinė” of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre; the author of the report – Kristina Kleponytė. The creative work of the graphic artist Elvyra Kairiūkštytė as well as her personality for most people is not very well known. Although the artist has actively worked in the […]

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On September 3, 2007 in the gallery „Kairė-dešinė“ of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre the second auction of graphic artworks took place. During it, 18 graphic artworks were sold. Participants: Ajauskas Valentinas Augustinas Žygimantas Aukštuolis Stasys Balakauskaitė Irma Danys Marius Mindaugas Diščenko Tatjana Dubauskienė Lida Gindrėnas Tadas Grigaliūnas Kęstutis Ivanauskaitė Daliutė Kriaučiūnaitė Elvyra Katalina Kuckaitė Eglė […]

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Auction of graphic artworks in the gallery „Kairė-dešinė“

On August 31 – September 2, 2006 the first auction of artworks took place in the gallery of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre „Kairė-dešinė“. 26 graphic artworks have been sold during it. The finances collected during the auction were devoted to the development of Information Centre of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre. Auctions in Lithuania have not […]

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